Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Steps for choosing healthy snacks with children

Steps for choosing healthy snacks with children

Everyone wants to have their children healthy eating habits, but it can't be complete without snacks. Snacks provide the necessary nutrition which you don't get from basic meals. But it is necessary to choose the snacks that fulfill this purpose. Children are always more attracted towards snacks; this is why it is important to choose snacks with your children.
Steps for choosing healthy snacks with children

· Show that you care for children: When you are deciding which snack you want to buy, it is important that you involve the children by asking them to help you make the list of snacks. This way they will feel that you care for them and that their choice is being considered before buying. This increases their chances of complying with your advice. It is important when you choose snacks for kids to remember that they like new snacks every time. This is why keeping variety in choosing snacks is prudent. To show your care for children, you must ask them what snacks they like. Kids don't like same snack over and over again so you must respect their opinion as this will prove that you care for them.

· Make a list of snacks: You must start by making the list of snacks that you already have and also ask your children which one are their favorites. Then you should ask them if there are new snacks they would want to buy. Add all the names of the snacks to make an initial list. You can also compare the benefits of some snacks and then tell them to choose snacks they like. After that ask them for the reason they chose that snack. But you must show your care for children by giving them variety to choose snacks, it should be not one way talk when you are making list.

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