Saturday, May 4, 2013

Google Releases iOS Application for Field Trip

Google Releases iOS Application for Field Trip
 Google, the company that has the best search engines do not want to if only engaged in the search engines. Various other fields already he explored include developing applications for the Android and iOS platforms. And unsparing, usually made ​​successful applications generate thousands or even millions of downloads.
Some applications that have been issued including: Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Well I recently re-issued a new application for people who like traveling with the name "Field Trip".

This application is able to provide relevant information in accordance with the tastes of the traveling users. Not only provide information on the most delicious places to eat from somewhere, but it will also provide a variety of interesting information about what the world around us, such as the history of a place or a particular way.
Well, if you are a hobby once traveling to places that might be new to you and learn, or are planning to travel to a place and want to explore it without the help of a tour guide, Field Trip Google Apps could be an application that will so petrified you.


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