Saturday, May 4, 2013

Style rather than prioritizing Wealth Lifestyle

Self-actualization is the natural instinct of a person, do not be surprised if someone wants to look more prominent than others. Self-actualization is related also with one's personal existence in the environment.
Style rather than prioritizing Wealth Lifestyle

Self-actualization that there is a sense of pride when it has a high office, there are always happy when able to share their knowledge with others, there are so happy if he could help other people who are trouble, and there are also people who are happy to appear "more "than others, because it is basically and most people would be happy if it looks rich.

Coupled with the rapid flow of information and the social environment around us, making the desire to always look forward lifestyle is rich alias, which often makes us later on became dizzy because of the money that comes out of our pockets greater than the incoming.

Attitude of bringing this lifestyle can we indicated as the purchase of goods that are not too important for us. For example, the employee who had just received a bonus from work often becomes dark eyes spend the money he had just received for the latest gadgets, old gadgets when they are still in good condition.

What's worse, even if the date or time bonuses payday is still far away, one could just as easily swiping their credit cards in order to have and show off a new tablet computer that advanced to his friends, when in fact the gadget is not too needed to support the daily work activities day and even more widely used just to play games.

Actually fine if someone spends the money to buy expensive goods, with the record is that goods are urgently needed to support their work. For example an artist, public speaker, or the marketers who have often met with clients, it would not want to always give a good impression so that indeed they need good clothes, good though it is not necessarily the brand. The internet marketer or graphic design needs of mobile gadgets with high specification, so that indeed they need sophisticated equipment to support their work.

Another thing to note if the items you really need, make sure when you buy it does not lead to 'wobble' on your personal finances. Or if indeed you are forced to buy on credit, then the total of all installments you should pay no more than 30 percent of your income each month.

It is need to note that in the middle of the limitations of existing income, hard-earned money every month we work not just pass by on our account, but we can enjoy also for other things in the future. Not necessarily the person whose income is too large, then he can still enjoy the money more than income, because most of his income could be siphoned off to pay his debt installments if he does not manage its finances well.

For that, instead of promoting lifestyle, then we better develop our style wealth. In a simple sense of style wealth is to optimize our active and passive income to be used in the future. Quite troublesome indeed, because it is a life style we enjoy today, while we enjoy the style wealth later on.

The trick is when to receive income, make sure that income is set aside at least 10 percent to be invested. Do not cut the money to be invested later, because if you rely on the remaining income is often the end of the month, there are consumed. Congratulations to manage your finances!


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