Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot

How to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot

Have computer / PC friendly would be nice. However, most people feel they are getting the pc condition worsening, especially as more and more data stored therein. For users of Windows 7, of course it will have an effect on when you turn on the computer booting prosess long and heavy. Well after I share tips on How to Easily Download Movies in Ganool, this time I will share tips on how to speed up Windows 7 boot.

Here are tips and ways to speed up Windows 7 boot process:

A. Reduce the programs in the Start Up
1. Type Button "Win + R" - Win the Button is next to the "Alt"
2. It comes after the new Windows, type msconfig, and then select "ok" use the mouse, or press enter on your keyboard.
3. then a new window will appear as shown below:

4. Select the tab "Start Up" and then, and then look at the list, if there are programs that you rarely or never use sodium absorption ratio, uncheck centangnya, then select "Apply"

B. Use Software Tune Up
By installing Tune UP uttilities, can reduce the load on your computer, as Tune Up provides many ways to delete data that is not perfectly erased, erase history of poor data, and deleting useless backup. Additionally Tune Up also recommend to you about how you use your PC to the optimal.

C.Uninstall Programs and Software which are used
Select Start> All Programs> look for programs that would in Uninstall> Search option / option Uninstall

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